Blue lotus flowers

Blue Lotus Flowers - The Divine Flower

Blue lotus flowers are gifts from the divine.  They are steeped in history dating back thousands of years.  The most famous identification with Blue Lotus flowers date back to the ancient Egyptians, the flowers were used in ancients times as an aphrodisiac, anti stress and anxiety medicines and generally used for well being. stock blue lotus flowers for sale in the UK.  We also stock red lotus flower, white lotus flower, yellow and pink lotus flower.  The flowers are sold for decorative purposes only and are obtained through sustainable sources.  In ancient times blue lotus flowers(nymphaea caerulea) were mixed with wine and steeped for a period of time to produce an aphrodisiac and the flowers were worshipped as they were recognised as a flower of divine properties.  The flowers today are used in meditation as they hold similar energetic properties like crystals and you can tap into these energies while in deep meditation.

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