Red Lotus Flowers Nymphaea Rubra

Red Lotus Flowers - Nymphaea Rubra

The red lotus flower is associated with the Buddha.  It represents compassion therefore is strongly linked with the heart chakra.  The lotus flower is a very sacred flower and is heavily linked to spirituality.  If the flower is used in meditation you can link with it's energy and feel the positive compassionate energy that radiates from the flower, because of it's links with the Buddha it radiates beautifully with meditation practice.

Our red lotus flower is sourced from sustainable farmers, here at we care about  the purity of this divine flower.  The red lotus flower grows mainly in Asia in ponds and lakes like it's cousin the blue lotus flower, it is said in Buddhism to fire up ones consciousness and potentially help with enlightenment, this is due to the flowers divine connection, you can feel this divine connection when connecting with the plant in light trance meditation.

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